"If you want to experience a miracle... breathe" Pablo
"If you want to experience a miracle... breathe" Pablo
"If you want to experience a miracle... breathe" Pablo



Shift your life with yoga. If you’re new to yoga, I will prepare you for what to expect in a group class and give you enough basics to make you feel comfortable.


Pablo Lucero worked in the legal field for 13 years at some of the top law firms in the industry. He knows when employees feel good, productivity and attitudes go up, and stress levels and sick days go down.


Being extremely passionate about the body and anatomy, functional dynamic stretching and the understanding of the biomechanics of the system of yoga, I decided to bring to you this comprehensive, easy and FUN workshop.


Yoga retreats are the best way to dive deeper, learn more about yourself through your practice and our guidance.

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Videos in English

Videos in English

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Videos in Spanish

Imparto clases muy dinámicas y las impregno de mi propia experiencia de vida con humor y espontaneidad.


Pablo emanates a down-to-earth, grounding energy that speaks to realizing yourself, to serve. His creative artistry and poetry inspires curiosity about our space within.  His teachings illuminate alignment and inner strength allowing a functional approach to poses, offering a hearty mix of Anusara, Vinyasa Yoga and Functional Movement with surprising degree of personal attention to large groups.

“I am constantly exploring all aspects of self-discovery to impact and elevate the world.  My mission is to design, offer and celebrate physical, mental and spiritual evolution. We are infinite conscious in motion.”

At the impressionable age of 18 Pablo Lucero discovered meditation and shortly thereafter found the practice of Yoga. With over 8 years of teaching, Pablo has refined the art of making the ancient practice of Yoga accessible to all. He implements cutting-edge methodology based on his studies of Biomechanics & Functional Movement.  He leads workshops, conferences, memorable Yoga Retreats andYoga Teacher Trainings Certifications locally and internationally.

200-RYT – Power Yoga | 200-RYT- Skanda Yoga | TRX | Functional Movement| Magnificence | Lululemon Ambassador

“If you want to experience a miracle, breathe.” Pablo Lucero

What People Say

  • The one-on-one practice helped me find a pace that suits me, while making me humbly aware of myself within my postures.

    Mercedes Jimenez
  • Pablo Lucero is a yogic messenger. He infuses his joyful, energetic, and often mind-blowing classes with his belief that we can best serve others and heal ourselves - through unconditional love and devotion.

    April Buchwald Fitness instructor
  • I have been practicing yoga for the past 10 years, from Boston MA, Providence, RI to South Beach. Pablo Lucero is more than your typical yoga teacher and yoga is more than a typical “workout”.  Pablo’s class especially guides us on “that” journey inward! Pablo is authentic-real and he has a natural gift and way of pushing you, challenging you, encouraging you, supporting you and guiding you.

    Jodi Silva
  • I recently took Pablo's workshop The Business of Yoga in Miami, FL. This was singlehandedly one of the most informative and useful workshops I have taken (and I've taken many!) Pablo gave our group valuable information and secrets to propel a career as a yoga teacher to the next level. After implementing some of the points he gave my career has taken off.

    Marcie Wingate Yoga teacher