There are many benefits to private yoga lessons, especially for new students, including:

1. Reducing/eliminating any level of intimidation associated with attending a group class for the first time. In one or two private sessions, your instructor can prepare you for what to expect in class and give you enough basics to make you feel comfortable.

2. Designing a practice to accommodate any injuries, health concerns, or other limitations you may have. Maybe you’ve put off attending your first yoga class because you’re concerned about re-injury. Working one-on-one with an instructor will give you the opportunity to learn valuable modifications and postures to avoid for now when you are in class.

3. You have specific goals you are trying to achieve. If you are coming to yoga for a specific reason, whether physical, spiritual, mental, or emotional, and would like some guidance on how to tailor a group class to get the most out of it for you, a private lesson or two is a great way to get started.

Pablo Lucero System:

1.  An initial consultation to create a program designed specifically for you based on your needs and analysis.

2.  I specializes on the following:

  • There are many benefits to private yoga lessons including:
  • Neck & Back Pain
  • Prevention of Injury
  • Rehabilitation
  • Postural Realignment
  • Enhance Performance
  • Fascia Release
  • Stress, depressions management and lifestyle changes through yoga.
  • Weight loss, strengthening and flexibility training.
  • Concentration and Meditation techniques.

3. Yoga sequencing designed specially for you.

4. Learn to apply yoga to your life and begin to live your truth happy.

5. Group Sessions with family and friends.

6. Corporate Wellness and Yoga.


“I own a Bikram studio in Spain and being a Bikram addict, to be introduced to Power Yoga with Pablo has been one of my best yoga experiences, I travel the world and booked Pablo is one of the best teachers I have had the honor to meet.”  Monica Miro (Bikram Yoga Teacher Spain)

“I am very thankful for the class. Correcting my alignment was the main purpose and it was achieved throughout the class, now I am aware of what are the goals of each asana, what’s parts of my body need to be working and what parts need not to be exploited. I learned what are the bases in order to do head and forearm stand and how to get there. Again, thank you!! It was a very productive class.  Also thanks for the patience.”

“I recently took Pablo’s workshop The Business of Yoga Workshop in Miami, FL. This was singlehandedly one of the most informative and useful workshops I have taken (and I’ve taken many!) Pablo gave our group valuable information and secrets to propel a career as a yoga teacher to the next level. After implementing some of the points he gave my career has taken off. I recently added 2 classes in well known studios in the Miami area! This workshop is one of the best! Pablo is a role model, teacher and true inspiration to the community.” (Marcie Wingate Yoga Teacher)

“Pablo Lucero Yoga is a yogic messenger in the Brickell Area and beyond. He infuses his joyful, energetic, and often mind-blowing classes with his belief that we can best serve others and heal ourselves – through unconditional love and devotion. To this end, he passes along his profound gratitude for breath, body, and mind through yoga’s time-honored practices. His classes are an experiential explosion of music, sweat, stillness, and energy that will open your heart and leave you overflowing with bliss. You flow through poses like goddess, warrior, low lunge, high lunge, triangle and loop back around to do them on the opposite side. Pablo makes the class engaging and fun and I found myself smiling through most of the moves. This class is challenging and the 75 minutes fly by!” Your Student. JP

“From the first pose Pablo was encouraging, inspiring, and motivating. We moved through the session at a pace that was comfortable for me. With each pose we went through he took the time to help me understand the pose, teach me the proper alignment and make sure that I stayed connected to my body, mind and spirit.  When it was over I felt so amazing, as though I had come alive again. I know this would not have been possible without Pablo. The time, care and concern he took with me was more than I could have hoped for and is what has now inspired me to join his class..”  (Vanessa Benavides)

“You allowed me to understand YOGA…I am so so grateful for having shared this experience with you- grateful for helping me forgive myself, find the truth behind my tightness and pain, and to learn to transform it all to beauty. Yes, I learned a sequence that’ll better me physically in my shoulders and hips, but most of all, I understood emotion within the asanas. Heart openers will become a daily practice of mine, whether if it’s on the mat or not. Anonymous (Power Yoga Teacher)

“First of all thank you for an amazing one on one class you gave me.  You took me to another level within my self and in peace that I felt I lost.  I strongly believe the one on ones are important to get a sense of each pose, be corrected, and understand the pose.  I really liked the steps we took to open my shoulders in order to bind, things that I never learned before, that step before the pose, preparing the body before the pose. Thank you.” (Alexandra Pre)

“I met with Pablo Lucero because I wanted to access my core strength so that I could master holding inversions such as handstand. I also recognized that my energy was stuck and that I needed to work out some emotional issues as well. For our first meeting, we discussed key issues in my life that were creating those blockages. The questions he asked and the guidance he gave were what I needed to move along on my journey. We closed in meditation, and I felt so incredibly clear and light! I hope to be able to continue to be mentored by him, but this one meeting has been a firestorm in dissolving the BS, allowing me to begin reconnecting with my true self, my energy flow, and my purpose. Pablo Lucero possesses great insight and I believe he can serve as a catalyst to bring about transformation in those who are willing to do the work.” (Crystal Long Yoga Teacher)

“For those of you who are on the fence about one on one sessions, I say dive right in with Pablo or any other instructor that you respect and inspires you to go deeper into your practice.  I have had the privilege of going to numerous studios and practicing with various instructors.  With all this wealth of yoga juiciness I had learned I wanted to be clear as to where my physical practice stood.  I felt that my practice was entering another level, but I could not start going there without making sure that what I had been doing all along was technically correct. I felt I needed to revisit those asanas… those fundamental poses we flow through and not even give them a second look for alignment or technique.  This is what made me decide to book that first session.  For me, getting to this point took more energy and thought then it took to choose Pablo as my guide and instructor through this journey. His work ethic, knowledge and passion for all aspects of the practice are some of the qualities that drew me towards him.  I see him as a technician perfectly suited to dissect my physical practice and help me generate that shift that would take me to that next level.  The session was what I expected and much more. We started with mountain pose and remained there for over 10 minutes as we examined the pose form the base of the feet to the tips of the fingers and crown of the head….This process continued with asana after asana… intensely adjusting, tweaking and modifying minor nuances of the different poses that added a whole new dimension to those asanas that I so routinely practiced all these years.  This type of analysis of mine or anyone’s practice cannot be accomplished in a yoga class at your local studio. If you are looking to take your practice deeper like I am or if you’re looking to develop a fundamental understanding of the asanas, I invite you to book your session with Pablo and start generating that shift in your life that we are all searching for….” (Vivian Gomez)